World Poetry Day 20 Yrs Old!

From our understanding World Poetry Day is going to be 20 yrs old this year! Designated by UNESCO in 1999, the 21st of March is a day to share, create […]

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Merlin, Magic and Mystery

The Arthurian legends are something most people know or know of or at least think they do but the actual historical records are hazy and confused – so what do […]


Slither Moon

The Moon as a slither, almost not there at all… look at this picture – what does it say to you? How does it make you feel? Where are the […]


Book Marks

Bookmarks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – often they are scraps of paper and not proper bookmarks at all – try and think about the world of […]


Made Up Worlds

Minecraft enchanting table photo by Sarah Snell-Pym Ever fallen into a game or story so hard that the world becomes somehow tangible? If so what is that world like? How […]

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Day One – A Beginning

So it is time to get writing and creative – so sharpen pencils, crack open the new ink, power up or awaken those devices and write! The idea is that […]

About WoPo

A Poem A Day Challenge

February is our writing challenge month here at WoPo – the idea is that you try and write a poem a day everyday. Why do this? It is an exercise […]


Robo Rob

This is Robo Rob who is part of a board game to help teach children about the basic concepts of programming but Rob also does jobs and could be called […]


Book Roulette

This exercise works best with a group of people, each of you brings a book, using a dice you select pages and then lines to read out, take it in […]

Pep Talks

Week One Done!

The first week of our poem a day writing challenge is over! That it you survived it and better yet live to poem the tale! So how did you find […]



Look at your hands, or pictures of hands….. what do you see? How are they constructed? What colour are they, are they rough hands or cubby young hands? Are the […]