Winter’s Sun Burning Away the Mist

This is a photo of the sun burning away the mist on a winters morning but it might well be an alien world or just swirls of colour in a […]

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Pep Talks

Week 1 is Done!

It is Day 7 of the World Poetry writing challenge and we have been seeing some lovely poems shared on a variety of social media. Some people are racing ahead […]

Guest Bloggers

Writing With The Land By Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction and is co-creator of the Hopeless Maine graphic novel series. She lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. I’ve written poetry every since I could hold […]


Merlin, Magic and Mystery

The Arthurian legends are something most people know or know of or at least think they do but the actual historical records are hazy and confused – so what do […]


Slither Moon

The Moon as a slither, almost not there at all… look at this picture – what does it say to you? How does it make you feel? Where are the […]


Book Marks

Bookmarks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – often they are scraps of paper and not proper bookmarks at all – try and think about the world of […]


Made Up Worlds

Minecraft enchanting table photo by Sarah Snell-Pym Ever fallen into a game or story so hard that the world becomes somehow tangible? If so what is that world like? How […]

About WoPo

Day One – A Beginning

So it is time to get writing and creative – so sharpen pencils, crack open the new ink, power up or awaken those devices and write! The idea is that […]

About WoPo

A Poem A Day Challenge

February is our writing challenge month here at WoPo – the idea is that you try and write a poem a day everyday. Why do this? It is an exercise […]


Robo Rob

This is Robo Rob who is part of a board game to help teach children about the basic concepts of programming but Rob also does jobs and could be called […]


Book Roulette

This exercise works best with a group of people, each of you brings a book, using a dice you select pages and then lines to read out, take it in […]