Its been a week since the the poem a day writing challenge finished and for some people this can be a restless time – so what should you be doing?

A good place to start is writing magazines, forums and various Facebook groups etc… collect places to submit your work too, look through them and write down the ones with the most pressing deadlines. Now set yourself the target of submitting some of your work. These can be pre-existing poems or ones you have written during the challenge.

If you feel your work is not ready to submit for publication then you can use the time instead to spell check and edit the work.

The Writers and Artists Year Book can be a good place to start though bare in mind that the publication for the next year becomes available in the summer so you may want to wait for the most up to date info on who to send your work too.

On top of that there are plenty more poem writing challenges and celebrations to get your teeth into if you have the writing bug!