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Winter’s Sun Burning Away the Mist

Written on February 1st, 2023 by adminno shouts

Winter's Sun Burning off the Winter Mist

This is a photo of the sun burning away the mist on a winters morning but it might well be an alien world or just swirls of colour in a paint pot – what is it to you? What do you see? What happen in that sky, in those tree branches or around the roots? What is this landscape and what is its story?

Begin writing for 15 minutes – if you are initially stuck try just describing the image.

World Poetry Day 20 Yrs Old!

Written on March 14th, 2019 by adminno shouts

From our understanding World Poetry Day is going to be 20 yrs old this year!

Designated by UNESCO in 1999, the 21st of March is a day to share, create and remember those who have been before or are imprisoned for their art.

There are often local events going on so check out your area or celebrate yourself with a writing spree or some reading.

Here at WoPo we will be twitting away for the day with writing prompts as well as heading out for a writing session in our local environs culminating in a book launch – yes it’s all poetry!

So we are all very excited!

The End…

Written on February 28th, 2019 by adminno shouts

As we bring the WoPo poem a day writing challenge to a close this year, the team here hope that you have found the writing prompts and suggestions helpful. The archive is always here if you need a little help through out the rest of the year.

So what do you do with the poems now?

Well… now the work begins – it is editing time!

Take a look over what you had e written, are you going to keep it all or only a fraction – do not throw anything away initially but file it else where for a while. Sometimes poems become something only when we forget their origins.

Maybe join a critic group to get your work into a place where you can start seeking publication or popping them out on your social media etc…

What ever the destination for your poems – be proud of yourselves for having come through this journey of poetic madness with us here at WoPo.

And don’t forget there are many more poem a day writing challenges and celebrations out there from the local to the national to the global – we will be back with a few more guest poets in April to inspire those taking part in NaPoWriMo, and there might be something special for International Poetry Day in March 🙂

NaPoWriMo 2017

Written on March 24th, 2017 by adminno shouts

April is National Poetry Writing Month as well as several other writing challenges. The origins of the poem a day writing drive can be found here and it is also part of the reason WoPo came about as a bunch of us were already doing other novel and script based writing drives in April but wanted to have a poem a day challenge.

And talking of other writing drives there is also CampNaNoWriMo this month and a few people have poetry writing as their goal for that. So with that is mind we are popping archival material and new fun poetic finds and exercises up on the WoPo Facebook Page.

Happy writings 🙂

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Month of Poetry Writing Challenge

Written on January 3rd, 2015 by adminno shouts

January is the beginning month of the year and so it is time to turn your attention to the writing challenges – the year starts off with the wonderful Month of Poetry run by Kathryn Apel. To get the writing exercises you have to register with the site but this writing challenge is fantastic and is a good way to start the poetry year off!

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NO Fools

Written on April 1st, 2014 by adminno shouts

It is the first of April and that can mean only one thing! It is time for a poem a day challenge, so hopefully you are all recovered from February. And no this is no April Fools, go and check out NaPoWriMo were there will be give aways and poetry prompts all month.

Here at WoPo we will continue with the lots of writing inspiration and have some lovely guest poets coming up.

For those local to Cheltenham UK there is the wonderful Cheltenham Poetry Society which runs until the 6th.

Time to get writing – go on shoo.

Time To Prepare

Written on March 31st, 2014 by adminno shouts

It is almost time for National Poetry Writing Month, so sharpen your pencils, stretch your fingers and expand your minds!

Writing challenges can be incredibly useful, weather you are just starting out and need something to get you to sit down and actually start the writing or weather you are a seasoned writer who has just slipped of late and find the dreaded PROCRASTINATION or writers block, gnawing away at your lives.

What I find most useful in preparing myself, is making sure I have a space and a time in which to write. That does not mean a lovely neat desk, though it can and that is nice and if you have that set up then go with it. But it can be a seat on the train or your phone by your bed. What ever it is, just make sure that you have identified it and have set it aside.

Of course you maybe be lucky and get struck by inspiration lightning – the more you write and observe the world the more likely this is to happen! This is why it is handy to have some sort of writing device on you, that can be a paper note pad (you can get tiny ones for pockets) or a laptop, tablet or phone, what ever it is make sure you always have it on you for when an idea strikes or you hear that perfect opening line etc…

Month of Poetry

Written on January 2nd, 2014 by adminno shouts

January is of course the Month of Poetry, and what better way to start the new year off?

So if you need that little extra push to get yourself writing, why not pop over to the MoP home page and sign yourself up! The community is very friendly.

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Happy New Year and Reform the Poetic You

Written on January 1st, 2014 by adminno shouts

2014 has began and it is time to start a fresh with the writing, if you are anything like us here at WoPo you will find that during the year your poetic focus drifts. January is the perfect time to fix this!

Look at your daily commitments, and slot yourself in for a writing space – each and every day. It only has to be five minutes but it has to happen. This will help you get into a routine. You may not write much at first but as the days pass you will find it easier to slip into the writing zone.

Ideas will then likely start occurring when it is not your writing time, to deal with this text yourself the idea or carry a small pocket note book to jot things down in. If you are stuck for ideas, do not fret, there are always plenty of exercises on this blog to help you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – now get writing 🙂

Social Media and Poetry

Written on April 6th, 2013 by adminno shouts

As part of National Poetry Writing Month the Tell Me More site is collection tweeted poems under the hash tag TMMPoetry. Go and check out the website and the hash tag – they have done similar initiatives in the past with wonderful creative effect!

The 140 characters of twitter means that poets have to streamline their thought process, it lends itself nicely to the shorter forms and can be some what more challenging than writing an essay in our experience!

Another thing that is good to try is the creation of an epic poem via tweets – entire novels have been writing in little 140 character snippets so why not an epic poem?

Epic poems in this instant being very long novel length poems rather than just brilliant glittering literary gems though of course they may be those as well!

If you do not have twitter then adapt the challenge to Facebook or Google Plus, start a page up specifically for the purpose.

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