Winter’s Sun Burning Away the Mist

This is a photo of the sun burning away the mist on a winters morning but it might well be an alien world or just swirls of colour in a […]

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World Poetry Day 20 Yrs Old!

From our understanding World Poetry Day is going to be 20 yrs old this year! Designated by UNESCO in 1999, the 21st of March is a day to share, create […]


The Mad March… What Do I Do Now?

Its been a week since the the poem a day writing challenge finished and for some people this can be a restless time – so what should you be doing? […]

Pep Talks

The End…

As we bring the WoPo poem a day writing challenge to a close this year, the team here hope that you have found the writing prompts and suggestions helpful. The […]

Guest Bloggers

I am a Man of Many Parts…

Peter Lay Performer, Poet, Publisher In my youth I wrote and performed songs. Later I became an artist but most of the time I’ve been a facilitator of other people’s […]


Lace Skull

Death can be beautiful too, or the remnant of remembering of a person – what is this candle about? What could happen when it’s flame is lit? Is there magic […]

Pep Talks

The Last Leg

There is one week left of the WoPo poem a day writing challenge! Do not despair if you are no where near your target of a poem a day – […]

Guest Bloggers

Derek Dohren

You may call me a poet if you want. I prefer the term ‘not a poet’. I believe we are all poets to a degree and only a true poet […]


Broken Things

When you observe objects to write about, often they are new or shiny or whole, but this is not the majority of objects (or people for that matter), so instead […]


Chimney of Gloucester

Images and photographs can sometimes hook into ideas we have not even been aware of. Examine this image and write for 10 minutes, then see if you can find other […]