When you observe objects to write about, often they are new or shiny or whole, but this is not the majority of objects (or people for that matter), so instead why not look at broken things.

Think about these questions:

How are they broken? Does it alter how you think about them? What you can see? Does it make it more or less obvious how they work or what function they have? Can they still be useful in this truncated form? And what of repair?

Some cultures prize repaired objects above new ones – why do you think this is? IS there an object or belonging that you just can’t bring yourself to part with even though it is really a piece of useless junk these days? If so why? What are the memories and sentiments attached to it?

Answer these questions taking time to really examine the item you have chosen for scrutiny. Try and make the writing flow from one point to another so that it does not present as a list.