Winter’s Sun Burning Away the Mist

This is a photo of the sun burning away the mist on a winters morning but it might well be an alien world or just swirls of colour in a […]

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Voice to Page

If you are struggling with the physical nature of writing if the pen or keyboard hurt you to type or just can’t sit down for that long etc… then you […]


Piercing Ears

Pierced ears – this image is of a freshly pierced ear. Does it look painful? Are your ears pierced? Who does that ear belong too and what sort of earrings […]

Pep Talks

Half Way Through

It’s the half way point of the month, this can be where life starts to get in the way and the novelty of the challenge starts to wear off. So […]


The Cities Bones

Look at this image – look at the remnants of a previous time, a time that is ending and decaying and being ripped out of our civilisation, as if it […]


Washing up and The House Work Dirty

Sometimes the best way to come by a poem is to forget about it, to not actively work on – to go and do something else. So instead of sitting […]

Guest Bloggers

Belinda Rimmer

Belinda Rimmer Bio: Work: I first trained as a psychiatric nurse and worked with troubled teenagers both in NHS settings and as a school counsellor. I have also worked as […]


Finding Patterns

The world is full of patterns, humans are good at spotting patterns and textures. Go for a walk and see how many you can find, do not make any notes […]


A Cat and Her Hoard

What is this cat hoarding and why? Does she believe she is secretly a dragon? Is she some shape shifter or daemon from some long ago time or just a […]


The World Outside

Find a window in a cafe or coffee shop, library or even your home, as long as it faces out to the street – preferably a busy street. Watch the […]


Slimy Friend

What is this little frog up too? Animals can be a good source of material for poetry especially if you get out and see them in person. This little fellow […]