It is almost time for National Poetry Writing Month, so sharpen your pencils, stretch your fingers and expand your minds!

Writing challenges can be incredibly useful, weather you are just starting out and need something to get you to sit down and actually start the writing or weather you are a seasoned writer who has just slipped of late and find the dreaded PROCRASTINATION or writers block, gnawing away at your lives.

What I find most useful in preparing myself, is making sure I have a space and a time in which to write. That does not mean a lovely neat desk, though it can and that is nice and if you have that set up then go with it. But it can be a seat on the train or your phone by your bed. What ever it is, just make sure that you have identified it and have set it aside.

Of course you maybe be lucky and get struck by inspiration lightning – the more you write and observe the world the more likely this is to happen! This is why it is handy to have some sort of writing device on you, that can be a paper note pad (you can get tiny ones for pockets) or a laptop, tablet or phone, what ever it is make sure you always have it on you for when an idea strikes or you hear that perfect opening line etc…