February is our writing challenge month here at WoPo – the idea is that you try and write a poem a day everyday. Why do this? It is an exercise in getting you to write, to help those just starting out, or those writers who are struggling with productivity, or to generate ideas, or for those who just want a break from other forms of writing, or want to try something new.

The challenge works well to develop good writing practice and has been used by poets, spoken word artists and song writers.

During the month posts will go live on this website to help inspire and egg you along in your endeavours. We have writing prompts and exercises as well as guest poets telling us all about their own personal journeys and how they have gotten where they are.

There is a closed Facebook group for those who would like to share their poems and get feedback from others, as well as a Facebook page where news and prompts are posted.

Exercises new and old are also popped out onto twitter via TheMonsterBlogs.

Images and inspirational quotes that we think might be useful are also shared on the WoPo board on Pinterest – be aware that images on Pinterest are not our property and if you wish to use an image in a publications you will need to talk to the artist who created it or at least check out what license the image has been published under. Images on this website are generally tagged with their copyright status and artist, the key is to ask!