End of week three and 3/4 of the way there.

Some of you will be nearly there – keep going!

Some of you will be finished! – well done you but also keep going! Lets see just how much you can achieve and don’t forget to come back on the 28th and pick up your finishing web-badge.

And some of you will be nursing the few poems you’ve actually managed to write – do not despair! That is more poems than you would normally have written and sometimes life just gets in the way. The solution is to not now give up but to keep going and see how many you can write in the next week. Do one last big final push and you will be amazed at what you can produce with that looming deadline.

Now back to the WoPo birthday celebrations – hopefully some of you will have noticed that there is a pattern with the writing exercises. Our Part-Tea has gotten off to a cracking start. If you’ve spotted what the pattern is then post a word that also follows that pattern below in comments field of this post. It must be one that is not already a title to one of the exercises!

Stickers and postcards shall be sent out to a random selection of those who comment 🙂

Tea Postcards and stickers