It’s the half way point of the month, this can be where life starts to get in the way and the novelty of the challenge starts to wear off. So how do you keep momentum going?

There are several ways that people have found useful but not everything works for everybody.

1) Set your own goals… so if you have already completed the challenge and are wondering where to go next set yourself the goal of completing the same within a week (so half the time).

2) If you have been struggling and know that there there is just no way you can completed it and are suffering from the “why bothers” – you can sit back and look at what has and hasn’t worked for you, which exercises were good and which weren’t. Stream line the process so that you are not trying to complete everything and achieving nothing.

3) You are struggling to bring any poem to completion but have done tones of writing – this is fine, this just means you are going to have a fun time editing after the writing frenzy has passed but you might want to mark yourself a time period for editing in the calendar so that the work doesn’t just sit there almost complete for the rest of your life.

4) What’s the point? Some people struggle with setting their own goals and writing for themselves so why not make it for other people. The easiest way to do this is to decide the poems are going to be submitted to magazines or entered into competitions. Publishers websites will normally have the current sort of stuff they are looking for on their website somewhere.

5) View this month as the warm up for Nation Poetry Writing Month in April rather than the real thing. This is the proactive to get you up to speed.

Now get back to the writing!