The Arthurian legends are something most people know or know of or at least think they do but the actual historical records are hazy and confused – so what do you know of Merlin the Magician, Mage, Wild Man, Seer, Prophet, Wizard and Wiseman?

Spend twenty minutes writing from Merlins point of view – how does the story of the Pendragons pan out from his point of view?

Do not worry if you only know the film or TV versions of the character just roll with the personification of this old legend that floats to the top of your mind.

Now go and fall down a internet rabbit whole (or go to the library and get a book or three on the subject), watch documentaries, films, read wikipedia or talk to various fandoms about who they think Merlin is.

Once your brain is full of the wizard repeat the exercise and write for 20 minutes on this new version of Merlin that you have found.

Compare and contrast the two pieces and get the two characters to have a verbal battle or even a magical one – who will win? The Merlin of the historical texts or a modern telling or the one you grew up with in your head?

If you want to spice things up you could look at creating an epic poem along the lines of those made during the lower medical period including the rhyme and meter structures.