Happy Birthday Tea

This year marks the 5th year that WoPoWriMo has existed as a poetry writing challenge and we are celebrating! As you can tell by our birthday tea! There will be more tea related web-badges for the collectors to collect and maybe even some cake and pressies!

Now it is time to think about that poetry writing marlarky!

Today’s theme is birthdays, parties and special occasions. This back over the years and all those parties your’ve been too – some good and some less so. Is there anything particularly rememberable about any of them? A nutty uncle who always took his teeth out when drunk or the time aunty Mildred dropped the birthday cake on Harry’s head…

Make a list of events and then expand each to what it ment/means to you. How did the cake taste?

Ask yourself questions like did you like the music was the floor sticky with spilt drink.

Once you have your expanded list spend ten minutes writing what ever comes into your head about parties.

With some luck this may well turn out to be the beginning of a poem!

Now get writing!

p.s. if you have not collected your free web-bade yet go here.