So why do a poem a day challenge? Most of what you’ll write will be drivel and need to be thrown away, won’t it?

There are many reasons to take part in WoPo least of which is that it will bring you into contact with other creative writers, some maybe starters some more advanced maybe even coughs published!

Then there is the fact that the writing exercises will help get you into the discipline of writing something everyday. What you may end up with is a series of ideas and strong imagery at the end of the month the actual form it is written in may be trash but there are seeds there for you to grow. And equally you may find yourself walking away with a body of work that needs a bit of editing but is generally good!

You may feel you can not commit to a poem a day what with work, kids, small empire to run etc… in which case set your own target say ‘I will put five minutes a day aside’; that is all it takes to get some ideas down you can use later on.

If you wish to warm up there are last year’s writing exercises! Not to mention guest bloggers with excellent advice and inspiring words!

You do not have to use the exercises we will be post on the site for your poems; they are just there in case you get stuck!

Good Luck to you all 🙂

Welcome to the WoPo challenge!