You’ve made it to the end of WoPoWriMo! Well done! Fantastic! And as for those who didn’t hit the 28 poems? Well, you still probably got a lot more down on paper than you would have otherwise, so join in our party!

Don’t forget the Pledge which will still be open until tonight 🙂 So if you haven’t signed it yet sign it and tick completion too!

And remember this is not the end but rather a beginning – there is a lot of work ahead polishing and perfecting those poems you’ve been beavering away at, and also the constuction of a Chap book for those who are interested.

Later there will be a charity anthology – but more on that later! (This is seperate from the chapbook, and we will ask for submissions for the two projects separately)

Information, events and advice will continue to be posted on the site year round so come back and check, or use the RSS feed 🙂

And lastly thank you to everyone who has taken part – from the guest bloggers, to the admin team, to you guys the poets who have worked so hard for this month of poetic abandon!

We hope it has been an enjoyable month for all 🙂