Robo Rob

This is Robo Rob who is part of a board game to help teach children about the basic concepts of programming but Rob also does jobs and could be called […]

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Book Roulette

This exercise works best with a group of people, each of you brings a book, using a dice you select pages and then lines to read out, take it in […]

Pep Talks

Week One Done!

The first week of our poem a day writing challenge is over! That it you survived it and better yet live to poem the tale! So how did you find […]



Look at your hands, or pictures of hands….. what do you see? How are they constructed? What colour are they, are they rough hands or cubby young hands? Are the […]



A fun exercise that can really help if you are stuck just staring at a blank screen or piece of paper, is to collaborate! Find another poet or would be […]

Guest Bloggers

Jason Conway – Guest Poet

I started my poetry journey back in July 2016 during a family holiday in Woolacombe UK. I had a surfing lesson and whilst swimming in the sea I gazed into […]


Found Things

This image is from an archaeology dig at St Mary’s DeCrypt, a church that included an old school wrong – but what do you see? What do you think the […]


Dream Diaries

Dream diaries are a good way to generate ideas, phrases and moods. When you awake in the morning jot down your dreams, even if you can’t remember them specifically you […]

About WoPo

Poetry Writing Time 2018!

It’s that time of year again when poetry madness takes over the brain! That’s right it’s WoPo Time and that means it’s Write Time! But where to begin? January is […]


Escape Into Life Visuals

Escape Into Life a group that features emerging art and literature has a group on flickr has some amazing visuals which are an ecclectic mix guarenteed to get your creative […]