Escape Into Life Visuals

Escape Into Life a group that features emerging art and literature has a group on flickr has some amazing visuals which are an ecclectic mix guarenteed to get your creative […]

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The Power of Shrooms!

Mushrooms have a place firmly in folk lore, fiction and the kitchen. Love them or hate them, they crop up through out the year but especially in autumn. What do […]

Pep Talks

Week One – Done!

One week into the poem a day writing challenge that is WoPoWriMo! For those of you who are streaks ahead – fantastic but don’t slacken off now. Remember the story […]


Money Boxes

Sometimes you might find little snatches or phrases bombling around in your head. On their own they are not a poem but if you don’t do something with them they […]


Lake Scene

This photograph is of a small lake in Essex – what does it say to you? Do like lakes or fear them? What is at the bottom of it? Can […]


Fridge Poetry

It might seem like a cheesy daft idea but get yourself some fridge poetry – the more the better. Then lay it all out on a nice clear fridge or […]


Epic Music

Music and the muse have always been intricately entwined, one thing that some of us here a WoPo find really useful is finding music mixes on youtube. This is also […]


Make a Mood Board

Back at the beginning of the year we created a Pinterest board to help collect images and concepts we thought might help the aspiring poet – why not have a […]


With-In The Map

Old maps can be a great source of inspiration, why not get an old map and write your poetry straight onto the pages. Where does the map represent? Do you […]

About WoPo

We Shall Begin

February is the month in which we here at WoPo run a poetry writing challenge. So for the next month there will be daily posts including writing exercises and guest […]

Poetry For Charity

Poetry By Heart

If you are a school based in the UK you might like to get involved in Poetry By Heart, a recital competition, where students have to memorise and perform poems […]