Robo Rob

This is Robo Rob who is part of a board game to help teach children about the basic concepts of programming but Rob also does jobs and could be called […]

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Music and the Muse

Music and poetry have always been intwined so why not select some music to write too? Some people find that they can only do this to music that has no […]


Where the Weeds Grow

Take the title of this post and/or the photograph and write solidly for 15 minutes. Extra info that might spark a thought or two to help – myths include picking […]

Pep Talks

Half Way Through! Oh No!

We are half way through the month! Slightly more in fact as this is February – the shortest of all the months! Now you may find that you are lagging […]


Love it or Hate it

Love it or hate it, it is that time of year again when all the hearts and flowers and chocolates come out. But what does this date mean to you? […]



Look at the glee on their faces – what is your favourite food? Why are these two so happy? How do you think the food will taste? Ask yourself questions […]


Modernise The Myth

Story telling and poetry have been intrinsically linked since the beginning, the oldest European literature are epic poems that were handed down in an oral tradition for centuries. They told […]


Collecting Colour

Get a cardboard box, decide on a colour – make the box that colour with with paint or glitter or wrapping paper glued onto it or marker pen or gaffer […]

Guest Bloggers

On Writing – Guest Blogger

Bethany W Pope On Writing
 Every writer that I have ever spoken to has had either a bad or an isolated childhood. Some have had childhoods that were both at […]



Angry about something? Write about it, put all that vitriol on paper or bash it out on the key board but don’t update a status or blog post with it! […]


The Power of Shrooms!

Mushrooms have a place firmly in folk lore, fiction and the kitchen. Love them or hate them, they crop up through out the year but especially in autumn. What do […]