Weekends (or when ever your days off are) are valuable, if you are not a full time writer then weekends are often the golden time for writing. Set some solid chunks of time aside, preferable an hour or so. If you have weekend commitments such as kids or clubs then think carefully about exactly where and how the writing will fit in.

It maybe that you get up at your normal week/work day time and write whilst everybody else is having that lay in or it maybe that you have to take a note pad and pen to the gym and scribble notes whilst on the exercise bike or over a lazy coffee whilst the kids are in what ever sports club they are attending.

What ever you time table make sure you have scheduled time to write.

If you happen to be lucky and have lots and lots of writing time then make the weekend different!

If you write free verse then take weekends as time to work on rhyme, start by reading some rhyming poetry, get the rhythms and different rhymes schemes hooked in your brain.

What ever you are doing… WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!!