We are half way through the month! Slightly more in fact as this is February – the shortest of all the months!

Now you may find that you are lagging behind – just not able to focus or find time to write. If this is you then do not panic. Instead find yourself a timer (pssst your phone) and do just ten minutes of writing before bed, or whilst you are waiting for your shower in the morning!

Do not worry about the quality at this point just write solidly for that ten minutes – it maybe one poem it maybe lots of little ones, it may end up being the beginnings of a story or something instead but just keep writing. Even if it comes out as a story remember you can write a shorter condensed narrative poem from it later on (we suggest you keep the story too!).

Those of you who are done and dusted and sitting around going “well that was easy” – GET. OFF. YOUR. BACKSIDES!!!! and start writing. Just keep on – yes you’ve done amazingly well but lets see what you are really made of! Go on double the poem count – I dare you! Remember you have a whole year in which to edit them after February is through!

And yes CRAZY punctuation and capitals is called for at this point in any writing challenge – the craziest bit is yet to come! Now everyone – back to writing!