One week into the poem a day writing challenge that is WoPoWriMo!

For those of you who are streaks ahead – fantastic but don’t slacken off now. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare and just keep going! Finished all ready? AMAZING but don’t think you get away with it that easily!

You have two options – now you are warmed up you may find your productivity level remains high, if this is the case then continue making a writing time for yourself and work solidly on the poetry. Write and write – need more ideas of where to get poetry ideas? Never fear we have all the previous years exercises and tutorials on here under the link Exercises.

Some people however do feel they have a certain number of poems in them and once that is reached it is reached (until they re-charge, sometimes they fear they will never recharge but they always do!). If you are all poemed out then use the challenge to start sorting out the poems you already have – start typing up if you have written them in long hand, edit them, send off poems you already have to various places – who knows one of them may get published.

Those of you who haven’t finished! Don’t panic!!!! That is where most people are – just keep writing – if you are behind then keep writing as you can catch up! Even if you’ve not started yet! Come on give it a go – it is not too late :)