It is a new year and that time of resolution making – so why not make a few writing ones?

One of the biggest problems writers tend to face, is making time for writing. Most writers, especially poets, tend to have full time jobs and/or families which take up the majority of their time. Very few get to write full time and even if they are, it is unlikely to be the writing they wont it to be – no instead they find themselves writing blog copy on gardening etc…

So now is the time to assess your life and work out where and how the writing is going to fit in!

One way of doing this is to be militant – I will be writing for 20 minutes a day come what may! Set your self a time and a space, even if that is your morning commute or just before you go to bed. Set a reminder on your phone and if need be, buy a timer. I personally have THE CHICKEN OF NO PROCRASTINATION!

Sign yourself up for a few writing challenges – there are many poem a day challenges and inspiration sites around, many of which we link to :)

Another piece of advice is always to have something you can write on, with you – this could be a note book or a phone, text yourself or scribble on a special notebook – what ever works for you.