It is the home leg of the WoPo poem a day challenge, some of you are almost there, some have barely begun and others have stormed through and finished and writing extra poems. Firstly, you have all done fantastically! To have create just one poem is an achievement and remember races are often won during that last leg – so keep going, there is still another week and an awful lot can happen in a week.

Secondly, those of you who have finished, sorry but you have not! There is still work to be done. This work is editing and structuring you poems, maybe once in a blue moon you are lucky and produce something that is almost a finished poem but not normally. And one in a million chances says you might even write something that is perfect first time but it is unlikely so if you are finished it is time to get that editing hat on and go back over the poems you did, right at the very beginning of the challenge.

Thirdly, everybody keep writing!