We cannot sanction or really encourage meet-ups with people in your areas that you don’t already know, as we do not have ML’s and the like that NaNoWriMo have and so we can not add a structure and safety aspect to the meets.

That being said they are one of the most productive writing activities you can take part in and they can be a lot of fun and we are aware they are happening anyway, so here is a guide of how to do it safely.

Never give out your address if you are organising it – organise the meet-up to be in a very public place, preferably during the day. Go with a friend and if you are under 16 you should be taking a parent or guardian along too (at least to the first one). Make sure people know that you are going out and how long you should be gone for – maybe text in regually to let them know all is well.

Again do be careful if you organise it as a ‘public’ event as there are some strange people out there.