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Fill Your Mind With Poetry

Written on January 3rd, 2014 by adminno shouts

Nothing is ever created in a vacuum, everything you see or hear or read or sense, helps build the poems within you. So fill you mind with poetry.

Go to the library and get out some poetry collections, it may take you awhile to find the poets you get on with and be prepared that whom you like reading maybe completely different from the sort of poems you like to write.

I personally find going to poetry readings much more enjoyable than reading the poems out of a book, the authors voices bring the poems to life for me. There are also lots of youtube videos of poetry performances both old and new, which are well worth the explore!

If you are anything like me, you will find that once you fill yourself up, poetry, new vivid, excited poetry, started to leak out of you.

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Chap Book and Anthology

Written on March 15th, 2010 by adminno shouts

At the request of several participants we are constructing a chapbook of poems written during WoPoWriMo for those who took part. The e-book will be only be sent to the mailing list so will not count as ‘published’ for those seeking publication in journals and the like. It would just be fun to share what we have all done with each other.

There is also work afoot to make an anthology of poems written during WoPoWriMo. This will be available as both an e-book and a physical book, and will very much count as published! Any profit from sales will be split between WoPoWriMo (to do site maintenance and the like for next year) and the Wikipaedia Foundation (they have an awful lot of infrastructure that costs money and they give us a valuable resource! Plus they are involved in many smaller projects that should help relieve poverty in the long run).

We hope you will wish to take part in one or both of these projects! Send up to five of your poems in the body of the email to with the subject line Chap and Anthology or if you wish to only take part in the Chap book just Chap. A short bio or informative bit about yourself complete with any personal blog links etc. would be good too. The maximum word count is 500 for the biography.

We are very excited about these projects and hope you will be too!

From Team WoPo