Bead Heart

Love it or hate it, it is that time of year again when all the hearts and flowers and chocolates come out. But what does this date mean to you?

Even if you are apathetic towards the date, you can’t miss this festival of love, so why do you think it is there and why do so many people take part and spend so much money on it?

If you are a parent then you will no doubt receive a sticky fingered glittery valentines day card from your little ones – what do they think of the day?

If answering the above questions does not spark a poem then try researching it – what are the origins of St Valentines Day? How has it been celebrated through out history? What about the man or men named Valentine? What did they do? Is there an increase in births 9 months after the date? Is it really connected to ancient sex cults? What do other countries do? What about love festivals in general? Who and how and when do they celebrate?

Failing all of that just look at the photograph above and use it as a five minute writing prompt!